Alfredo Rodriguez & Pedrito Martinez - Jazz sous les Pommiers

Sophie Alour 'Exil (s)'; Sophie Alour (saxophone, flute, compositions); Mohamed Abozékry (oud); Donald Kontamanou (drums); Philippe Aerts (double bass); Damien Argentieri (piano); Wassim Halal (derbouka, bendir); The first, Alfredo Rodriguez, after classical training, discovered the world of jazz and improvisation by listening to Keith Jarrett.Today he is Quincy Jones's preferred pianist. The second, Pedrito Martinez, congaceros (percussionnist) comes from the streets of Havana making the whole of New York dance at Ginny's, the epicentre of Cuban Santeria. These two great jazz hopes meet each other at last and hold high the torch of the new uninhibited Latin-jazz scene where their virtuoso and audacious playing and their volcanic energy is put to the service of adventurous writing for a unique and fascinating voyage. Recorded on May 31, 2019 at Jazz sous les Pommiers; TV Directors, Thierry Villeneuve (90 min)