Anne Paceo, Rewind - Jazz sous les Pommiers

Anne Paceo ' rewind'; Anne Paceo (drumes, compositions); Sylvain Daniel (bass); Matthis Pascaud (guitar); Racecar (MC); Mike Ladd (MC); Osloob (MCM); ' Rewind' is a return to her roots for Anne Paceo. Firstly a return to her initial musical loves, with a world at the frontiers of hip hop, jazz, groove and rock. But also a return to the compositions of her six albums. For this new project, she has written a few new titles, but also revisits certain titlles from her repertoire... mixed with a groovy sauce!Accompanied by the bass player Sylvain Daniel and the guitarist Matthis Pascaud, Anne has surrounded herself with 3 Master of CeremoniesC's: Racecar and his cutting flow, Mike Ladd the poet of the spoken word, and Osloob and his posessed singing. A group that really wants to make you get up and dance! Recorded on May 29, 2019 at Jazz sous les Pommiers; TV Directors, Laurent Hasse & Thierry Villeneuve (75 min)