Juan Carmona Septet - Jazz á Vienne

Juan Carmona Septet; Juan Carmona (guitar, composition); Piculabe (Voice); Noemie Humanes (Voice), Gest dancer, Paco Carmona (guitar), Domingo Patricio (flute), Kike Terron (percussions), El Bachi (bass); Juan Carmona is one of a kind in modern flamenco. A French gypsy of Andalusian origin, born in Lyon (in 1963), loyal to the Aubagne region where he plays out his passion (and where he runs the Nuits Flamencas festival), the guitarist has won countless prizes and awards and is renowned in Spain and around the world. Carmona spent ten years living in Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia to gain in-depth knowledge of the flamenco culture. Whilst there he performed with singers such as Agujetas and Duquende and recorded with Chano Domínguez, the Cadix pianist, among others. The Frenchman's rich array of sounds, ingenious compositions, pure instrumentals and, most importantly, his talent for improvisation in this harmonic jazz-heavy piece, makes him one of the most respected guitarists in the last 30 years. Alchemya (2013) is still a flamboyant self-portrait of a record blending flamenco with jazz fusion. With his 35 guest cadors, Juan Carmona also gives us a great lesson in the art of hospitality. The borderless musician returned from an Asian tour with Perla de Oriente in 2016 with an album recorded live in the studio. A new travel journal in which the gypsy wanders the duende paths alongside El Piculabe's? raspy melismas. Recorded on July 03, 2019 at Jazz á Vienne; TV Director, MFabien Raymond (60 min)