Polar Bear - Südtirol Jazz Festival

Sebastian Rochford - drums; Mark Lockheart - saxophone; Pete Wareham - tenor saxophone; Tom Herbert - double bass; John Leafcutter - laptop, controllers; This quintet, led by Sebastian Rochford, occupies a leading position on the London scene. Nominated in 2003 and 2004 for the BBC 'Rising Star' Jazz Award, in 2005 Polar Bear were nominated for the Mercury Prize. Following their excellent album 'Peepers' (2010), the band took a long break, returning to make it onto the Mercury Prize shortlist in 2014 with 'In Each and Every One'. The tracks on this CD are musical slow food, finely spiced and prepared: minimalism and electronics meet funk, free jazz and complex dance rhythms. Their new CD 'Same as You' was actually conceived of as a single piece, finally resulting in six tracks in which the ensemble develop their sound experiments. (52 min)