Tony Allen - Jazz á la Villette

Tony Allen - The Source; Tony Allen (drums); Mathias Allamane (double bass); Indy Dibongue (guitar); Jean-Phi Dary (Piano - keyborad); Nicolas Giraux (trumpet); Yann Jankielewicz (Tenor saxophone); Playlist; Bad Roads; Ewajo; On Fire; Wolf eat Wolf; Push and Pull; Crusing; Cool Cats; (Album The Source (Universal >Blue Note Records); Born in 1940 in Lagos, Tony Allen had never played any of the traditional percussion instruments only to straightaway become interested in their far-off cousin, that is to say, the drum kit. Self-taught, it was by listening to the recordings of Art Blakey or Max Roach that he perfected his technique of drum playing, even though he was working as a technician at the National Radio of Nigeria. His destiny took a new turn when in 1964 he made the acquaintance of Fela Kuti, firstly as part of the Koola Lobitos, then as conductor of Africa 70 where he developed a new language known as the Afrobeat, a mixture of Yoruba rhythms, of funk and of revolutionary themes. With Fela Kuti, Tony would append his rhythmic signature to around twenty albums, a unique manner of drawing out the rhythms with caressing energy, but which is fantastically efficient. For the rest of his career, Tony would spend it remaining faithful to the original Afrobeat and a multidirectional emancipation leading him through jazz, Dub music and international Pop. Recorded on August 31, 2019 at the Grande Halle de la Villette Jazz á la Villette; TV Director, Samuel Thibaut (49 min)