We Love Ella - The Amazing Keystone Big Band

We Love Ella; The Amazing Keystone Big Band; Bastien Ballaz, Alois Benoit, Loic Bacheveillier, Sylvain Thomas (trombones); Jon Boutellier, Pierre Desassis, Kenny Jeanney, Eric Prost, Ghyslain Regard (saxophones); David Enhco, Thierry Sénéau, Vincent Labarre, Félicien Bouchot (trumpets); Fred Nardin (piano), François Thibaut (Guitar); Patrick Maradan (Double Bass); Romain Sarron (Drums); Guests; Célia Kaméni (vocal); China Moses (vocal); Sarah McKenzie (vocal, piano); The Amazing Keystone Big Band loves Ella and pays more than a simple vibrant homage to she who loved big bands so much (she sang with those of Chick Weeb, Duke Ellington and Count Basie)and identified with the same vein as the one of the same name that the PBS Radio had???? with Jon Faddis, James Moody, Lizz Wright, Patti Austin. The guest singer, Célia Kaméni, does not attempt either to compete with or to imitate, that would be impossible anyway, the first lady of song gets to grips with her world in order to sing it better. And it works perfectly, and it has to be said that the orchestra is absolutely irreproachable with its waves of intensity, its stresses, an expressive clarity which gives it a very lare range of expression. It's all there, the phrasing, the accents, the rhythm, the groove, the drive this swing, this je ne sais quoi between individual liberty and collective happiness, put simply...Jazz! Recorded on March 23, 2019 at the Salle Pleyel; TV Director,Laurent Hasse 13.06.2020 (53 min)