Bodas de Sangre by Antonio Gades - Teatro Real

Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding); Choreography by A. Gades; Music by Emelio de Diego, Perello y Monreal and Felipe Campuzano; With; Christina Carnero (The bride), Angel Gil (Leonardo), Vanessa Vento (The mother), Joaquin Mulero (The groom), Maité Chico (Woman) and the Antonio Gadés compania; Bodas de sangre (Blood Wedding), choreographed by Antonio Gades in 1974, depicts the story written by Federico Garcia Lorca of a bride who, on her wedding night, runs away with her former lover, now a married man with a child of his own. The furious groom follows them, and a fight to the death ensues between the two men. This ballet without words is the essence of the work of Federico Garcia Lorca, a poet and playwright whose vision here melded with that of a profound and ancient Spain. Bodas de Sangre was filmed at the Teatro Real, Madrid, to mark the 75th anniversary of Gades' birth in 2012; Recorded at the Teatro Real; TV Director, Angel Luis Ramirez (45 min)