The Rosenberg Family Project - Jazz in Marciac

The Rosenberg Family Project; The Rosenbergs; Mozes Rosenberg guitar solo; Johnny Rosenberg rythmic guitar; Sani van Mullem double bass; The Rosenberg trio; Stochelo Rosenberg guitar solo; Nonnie Rosenberg double bass; In the world of gipsy jazz, Stochelo Rosenberg stands out as a virtuoso tempered by a natural elegance meaning he never overdoes things. With him, the competitive cutting guitar playing mixes in with a kind of nervous and swinging poetry where the themes from the traditional repertoire alternate with the most unexpected revivals. In the Rosenberg family, everyone is made for extended improvisation, they devote themselves to their high-speed chases with such elegance and implication that we find ourselves rediscovering pleasures procured through this craftsmanship of oral transmission, served up by devils who play like gods; Recorded on July 31, 2019 at Jazz in Marciac; TV Director, (61 min)