Gilberto Gil - Jazz in Marciac

Gilberto Gil; Gilberto Gil guitar, voice; Thiagô Queiroz saxophone, flute; Diogo Gomes trumpet, bugle; Bem Gil musical director, guitar, voice; Danilo Andrade keyboard, piano; Bruno Di Lullo bass; Jose Gil batterie, percussion; Domenico Lancellotti drums, percussion; Nara Gil voice, chorus; Guitarist, singer and composer, emblematic figure of Brazilian music, Gilberto Passos Gil Moreira, known as Gilberto Gil, began as a bossa nova singer, but above all made a name for himself by composing and performing with his friend Caetano Veloso, songs focusing on politics and social engagement. Made famous by his participation in the 1960's, in the Tropicalist Movement, he was imprisoned, and forced into exile by the military regime established in 1964. Once back in Brazil, he went into politics whilst continuing his artistic career. Municipal Councilor in Salvador de Bahia he then became Minister of culture for the government of Lula da Silva. His return to Marciac where he presented his latest album marked the apotheosis of an evening entirely devoted to popular Brazilian music. From muted sambas to classy bossas, they are part of popular Brazilian music that the musician in his seventies has always stood up for. An accessible, captivating, natural music which from the first notes already appears to be familiar to us. Recorded on August 05, 2019 at Jazz in Marciac; TV Director, 23.01.2021 (62 min)