El Comité - Jazz in Marciac

El Comité; Carlos Sarduy trumpet; Irving Acao saxophone; Harold López-nussa keyboard, piano; Rolando Luna claviers, piano; Gaston Joya basse, double bass; Rodney Barreto drums; Yaroldy Abreu percussion; Here are at least are 7 good reasons to listen to El Comité: Harold Lopez-Nussa, Rolando Luna, Rodney Barreto, Yaroldy Abreu, Gaston Joya, Carlos Sarduy and Irving Acao! Considered as being part of the most brilliant and renowned Cuban musicians of their generation, this band of 7 had the excellent idea of composing an album entitled ' Y que!? (So What) ', nine pieces which reflect the diversity of influences and rhythms of El Comité. Afrobeat, funk, Latin jazz, ballades a ' Cuban groove Siglo 21 ' to put between all ears, impressive compositions, revivals marked El Comité, always stamped with the fluidity and energy which characterises this group. Despite their youth, their 15 or 20 years on the international stage for most of them, gives a veritable maturity to this album. The harmonies and thematic structures are an ample illustration. And finally, on stage, it is always a real pleasure to see El Comité developing where their overflowing energy and musical generosity rapidly becomes contagious. Recorded on July 29, 2019 at Jazz in Marciac; TV Director, 21.02.2021 (61 min)