Panorama circus feat. Logan Richardson & Médéric Collignon - Jazz á Porquerolles

Panorama circus feat. Logan Richardson; Logan Richardson, sax; Jean-François Blanco, machine; Mathieu Jerome, piano; Blaise Chevallier, double bass; David Aknin, drums; François Olivier, videographer; Panorama Circus is the brain-child of Matthieu Jérôme and Jean-François Blanco. The first shares his interest between jazz, afrobeat, funk, pop and hip-hop, while the second is a sound alchemist with a passion for electro. On the stage of Fort Sainte-Agathe, they invite American Logan Richardson. A voyage through several dimensions, improvised or composed, but always melodic and free. Recorded on 2017, July 07th at the Jazz Festival in Porquerolles; TV Director, Yvan Schreck (60 min)