Roberto Negro DADADA with Emile Parisien and Michele Rabbia - Europa Jazz

Roberto Negro, piano; Emile Parisien, saxophone; Michéle Rabbia, drums; (Dadada); The pianist and composer Roberto Negro presents his new trio Dadada, with Emile Parisien and Michele Rabbia. With its nocturnal and fantasy themes with imperceptible fluctuations and a certain penchant for surprises, the trio's music is fascinating because of its play on timbres, mysterious tonalities and its use of subtle electronic effects. A miraculously inhabited saxophone.A beautifully detailed piano.A sensually choreographed drum set.When Negro leaves for an excursion without satelite beacons, the musique is filled with stars and poetry. Recorded on May 5, 2017 at the Epau Abbey, Europa Jazz Festival; TV director, Josselin Carré (52 min)