ESCAPE TO CAPE VERDE (CAPE VERDE). On the Island of Boa Vista, in Cape Verde, along the coast and also inland to get acquainted with its many different faces. Together with Eliseu, an authentic Cape Verdean, we visit the beaches in the South, the most beautiful on this Island, deserted and uncontaminated. Among these beaches is the Santa Monica, that is over 20 kilometers of white sand, the beach of Varandinha, unbelievable virgin sands, interrupted here and there by black volcanic rocks and then on to the famous Chave beach, a bed of pink and white sand that can be crossed by quad-bikes and off-road vehicles. We then go to Rabil, to visit a small terracotta factory and then on to Sal Rey where we go out on a fishing trip with an Italian called Sampei. We then meet Sonia, an Italian girl who is working with the children of the shanty-town of Sal Rey, and finally we meet Joan, a Dutch biologist who leads a team of the Turtle Foundation, a Society that is trying to protect Marine turtles. We have the opportunity of seeing, in person, a turtle laying its eggs.