CANADA. The Great North... ‘up north’ as the Canadians say, is one of the most isolated regions in the world. Although the Great North occupies 40% of Canada’s total surface area, the region is inhabited by only 0. 3% of the population. And all of them, each for their own reasons, but especially because of the size of the territory, are destined to be on the road one day or another. For over six months of the year, the temperature is below zero. For ‘Nomad’s Land in the Great North’, the crew had to face three days at -50°C followed by a week of blizzards with winds of up to 190 km/hour. There’s no easy way out in the Great North! And yet, mid-winter is the best season for travelling. It’s easier to go along a river or over a lake when it’s frozen than it is in the summer. There aren’t so many mosquitos either. Christophe Cousin takes the Dempster Highway from south to north over almost 2,000 kilometers to meet some travelling people and to experience the region for himself. This vertical journey gives the sun a bit of time to come up... His journey begins with a strange kind of Elvis... a travelling singer who has taken himself for the King ever since he encountered some extra-terrestrials. Christophe then decides to go to Dawson City, the gold-diggers’ town. He continues his voyage by spending time with a trapper, a real timber-runner, who spends his winters setting and checking his traps. A communion with nature ensues... one of survival. The journey continues even further to the north, in the direction of Tak, where he has an appointment with some reindeer breeders and some Inuits.