FOLLOWING THE NOBLE ECHO OF THE SEA. In every sea, a shell, in every shell, a voice and a hypnotic recall. This is the "common thread" that accompanies us on our trip through the world’s hemispheres. We meet these sea shells in Senegal, on Joal Fadiouth, an island entirely made up of small white shells, which are essential for the economy of this small African Island. Even in the Caribbean characterized by the Turks and Caicos huge Conch shells, with their delicious fruits used in excellent dishes. Polynesia, instead, is the realm of oysters, that contain unique jewels: the black pearls, famous all over the world. Finally in Mare nostrum, at Sant’Antioco, we meet the most noble shells of all: Pinna nobilis, unique sea shells, especially as you can extract a fine silk like filament called "byssus" from it. It is a textile filament known and used in ancient times, and the only woman who is able to spin it now, lives at Sant’Antioco. She’s an artisan-artist that our cameras manage to capture quite completely.