Victoria by Cathy Marston - Northern Ballet

Victoria; Cathy Marston | choreographer; Steffen Aarfing | set and costume designer; Uzma Hameed | dramaturgue; Cathy Marston | Uzma Hameed, scenario; Philip Feeney | composer; Northern Ballet Sinfonia; Jonathan Lo | Conductor; With; (Queen Victoria) Abigail Prudames; (Prince Albert) Joseph Taylor; (Older Beatrice) Pippa Moore; (Younger Beatrice) Miki Akuta; (John Brown) Mlindi Kulashe; (Liko) Sean Bates; (Lord Melbourne) Jonathan Hanks; with the Northern Ballet; Recorded on May 24, 2019 at the Sadler's Wells Theatre de Londres, UK; TV Director, Ross MacGibbon (115 min)