Mongolia. Vast territory covered steppes and deserts. This is where Christophe Cousin goes - in search of nomads. There, he borrows not men with soles of wind to follow the path that led herds of grazing pastures. Yet in recent years, Mongolia undergoes change, hardly managing to resist the inertia of a world that is running too fast. Because today, nomads prefer motorcycles "Made in China" for the camels, and bear the brunt of the "dzuds" harsh winters that can disseminate suddenly millions of cattle. Christophe began his trip to Ulaanbaatar and met Rapper G sings to not forget his roots. He will also meet Jerry - a driver - nomad of modern times - that will take him into the Urkhangai Valley, one of the most beautiful regions of the country. There he immersed himself in family, in a yurt in the manufacture arkhi - alcohol fermented cow's milk - and in the steppe, to take care of yaks and sheep. Then her roaming the leads to find gold diggers, nomadic rail workers before ending its journey at the heart of the dunes in the Gobi desert with camel herders. A trip to the land of Genghis Khan, the land of nomads but to encounter an unexpected Mongolia.