INDONESIA'S NEW ERA OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Indonesia’s economy was brought to its knees when the Asian Financial Crisis hit in 1997. A decade or so later, under the global downturn, the economy barely flinched. Yet, despite the strong strides the economy has made, little has changed to the fate of the man on the street. Millions in Indonesia still live in the throes of poverty. Aside from bringing democracy to Indonesia, Reformasi also created conditions for a brand new style of doing business in Indonesia. It is an environment where small and medium enterprises can thrive. A lot of hope rests on the shoulders of these Businessmen because SME’s make up 99% of the economy and they are the largest generator of jobs. There is a new air of optimism in Indonesia now. Host Brendon Fernandez meets several entrepreneurs to understand how they can succeed and how their success can make a difference to Indonesians in the long run.