Romeo and Juiet, choreography by Graeme Murphy, Australian Ballet

Romeo and Juliette; Choreography by Graeme Murphy; Music by Sergei Prokofiev; Victoria Orchestra; Conductor, Nicolette Fraillon; Concertmaster of Victoria Orchestra, Adam Chalabi; Costume design, Akira Isogawa; Set design, Gerard Manion; Lighting desing, Damien Cooper; Projection design, Jason LAM; With; Juliet, Maeleine Eastoe; Romeo, Kevin Jackson; Mercutio, Daniel Gaudiello; Tybalt, Andrew Killian; Benvolio, Jacob Sofer; Lord Capulet, Damien Welch; Lady Capulet Amy Harris; Lord Montague, John-Paul Idaszak; Lady Montague, Alice Topp; The prince of darkness, Adam Bull; The prince of Peace, Tristan Message; Nurse, Elizabeth Hill; and the dancers of the Australian Ballet; and with guest artists; Recorded on September 13th 2011 at the Arts Center Melbourne, State Theater; TV director, Simon Francis (121 min)