Chick Corea & Stanley Clarke - JAZZ IN MARCIAC

Chick Corea (piano), Stanley Clarke (double bass); Chick Corea is one of the world's greatest jazz pianists, thanks in no small part to his stylistic versatility and constant innovation. He played with Stan Getz and Miles Davis, began exploring jazz-rock in the early 1970s with ensembles Circle and Return to Forever, and developed his own solo and solo-ensemble repertoire ranging from Latin American to European classical. Corea is also one of the world's most popular jazz concert performers, and makes regular festival appearances. He continues to be as prolific as ever: recent projects have included a reunion of the Return to Forever crew in 2011, playing his concerto 'The Continents', and performances by his trio Further Explorations in 2012. Some artists become synonymous with their instruments: John Coltrane and the saxophone, Miles Davis the trumpet, Jimi Hendrix the guitar, Billy Cobham the drums, and Stanley Clarke the double bass. This exceptional instrumentalist began his career with Art Blakey and Joe Henderson, and joined Return to Forever in 1972. His 1976 album, School Days, is a milestone in jazz rock. He formed the Clarke/Duke Project with George Duke in the 1980s, and has also written numerous original film scores and been involved in countless collaborations. (63 min)