Magnetic Ensemble - D'Jazz Nevers

Magnetic Ensemble @ D'Jazz Nevers; Antonin Leymarie, artistic direction, composition, drums; Benjamin Flament, treated metallic percussions, vibraphone; Sylvain Lem?tre, digital and orchestral percussions; Linda Olah, voice; Fabrizio Rat, prepared piano; Adrien Spirli, bass synthesizer; Adrian'Aladin' Bourget, sound designer; Thomas Veyssi?re, scenoraphy, lights; Guest; François Corneloup, saxophone; What to you call a birthday party that doesn't end on the dance floor? A fiasco! No danger of this with the Magnetic Ensemble. They turned the Maison de la Culture into a proper dance floor. No beatbox for Antonin Leymarie's quintet. Why use one when you can do so much better yourself? Techno has not been very popular with jazzmen, largely for its lack of flexibility (a rigid tempo, a uniformity of sound). The Magnetic Ensemble picks up the challenge and demonstrates brilliantly that techno can be human, very human. Prepare yourself for a technoid trance, slow, progressive, polyrhythmic, irresistible, wild, frenzied. This music is made for movement! Recorded on November 12th at the festival D'Jazz Nevers (Nevers, France) - (Maison de la Culture, hall); TV Director, Samuel Thiebaut (60 min)