X, Suite For Malcolm, Francesco Bearzatti

Francesco Bearzatti; Tinissima Quartet; X-Suite for Malcom; Francesco Bearzatti's 2008 tribute CD to actress, photographer and revolutionary Tina Modotti is considered one of the finest revelations in European jazz this decade. 'After the project dedicated to Tina Modotti, it was natural for me to think of Malcolm X, who I discovered when I was a kid. I read his autobiography and was impressed by his life and struggle for the rights of Black Americans. At the time I was very sad to read that they weren't allowed to go into restaurants or stay in the same hotel as white musicians.'; For this project, Bearzatti kept the same dazzling line-up of transalpine musicians (Giovanni Falzone, Danilo Gallo and Zeno De Rossi) and same basic structure. Over the ten sequences that unfold like tableaus inspired by the brief but extraordinary life of Malcolm X - from his birth in 1925 to his assassination in 1965 - Bearzatti releases his often unbridled creative enthusiasm, free from the constraints of form and style and far from academism while nonetheless remaining extremely faithful the genre. As such, the listener encounters funk, vintage electronic, hip hop and rock throughout X (Suite for Malcolm). Francesco Bearzatti: tenor sax, clarinet; Giovanni Falzone: trumpets and vocal effects; Danino Gallo: acoustic bass guitar; Zeno de Rossi: drums and percussions (68 min)