John Scofield Quartet at D'Jazz Nevers

John Scofield @ D'Jazz Nevers; John Scofield, guitar; Larry Golding, organ, piano; Steve Swallow, electric bass; Bill Stewart, drums; Mr Fool (Darrell Edwards - George Jones - Herbie Treece); The Gambler (Don Schlitz); Jolene (Dolly Parton); Just a girl I used to know (Jack Clement); I'm lonesome I could cry (Hank Williams); You're still the one (Shania Twain - John Robert Lange); 'Sco' brilliantly continues his exploration of swing and country music. Brought into the limelight by Miles Davis in the 1980's, John Scofield explores all forms of jazz, including the blues, funk and country music. The American musician teams up with Steve Swallow, who now plays electric bass, and Bill Stewart on drums. John Scofield began playing the guitar as a teenager, discovered the standards of jazz before being drawn to jazz-rock and studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. In the 1970's, his career started as a side man with trumpeter and singer Chet Baker and pianist George Duke, among others. In the 1980's the general public discovered his swing, when he played for three years alongside the legendary Miles Davis. Later, Sco's brand of jazz fusion absorbed elements of soul and of the 'New Orleans Spirit', as he played with the greatest musicians of his generation, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Jim Hall. Recorded on November 12th at the festival D'Jazz Nevers (Nevers, France) - (Maison de la Culture, hall); TV Director, Samuel Thiebaut (60 min)