Morten Qvenild: Personal Piano - Oslo Jazz Festival

QVENILD PERSONAL PIANO @ Oslo Jazz Festival 2016; Morten Qvenild, a member of In The Country, who also accompanies Susanna Wallumrod in Susanna & The Magical Orchestra, presents a very personal kind of music. Qvenild drifts away from jazz standards, presenting works performed on his 'HyPer (sonal) Piano', a keyboard augmented with electronics. The Norwegian musician's compositions are varied, and may include his own vocals. He sometimes reduces the accompaniment to a bare minimum, a few melodic touches to support the melancholy of his timbre (Wild Horses). He feels at liberty, for example, to break the continuity of a piece like Kick And Glide, speeding up the tempo and calling on programs to give his piano a psychedelic and futuristic touch - in the company of a distorted guitar - taking us far away from traditional jazz. Record on August 17th 2016 at the Nasjonal Jazzscene Victoria, Oslo (Oslo Jazz Festival); TV director, Jean-François Hugel (75 min)