The Indian Queen by Henry Purcell at the Teatro Real in Madrid

The Indian Queen, by Henry Purcell; MusicAeterna, Teodor Currentzis (conductor); Peter Sellars (Stage Director); Gronk (Sets); Dunya Ramicova (Costumes); James F Ingalls (Lighting); Christopher Williams (Choreography); Vince Yi (Hunahpu, Mayan hero/Trickster twin deity); Julia Bullock (Teculihuatzin, The Indian Queen, after Do?a Luisa); Markus Brutscher (Don Pedrarias Dávila, Captain General and Governor of Terra Firma); Nadine Koutcher (Do?a Isabel, wife of Don Pedrarias Dávila); Noah Stewart (Don Pedro de Alvarado, conquistador); Christophe Dumaux (Xbalanque, Mayan Hero/Trickster twin deity); Luthando Qave Mayan (Shaman); Maritxell Carrero (Leonor, Daughter of Teculihuatzin and Don Pedro de Alvarado); Paul Singh, Caitlin Scranton, Takemi Kitamura, Burr Johnson (Mayan Dieties); Christopher Williams (Tecum Umán, Mayan Chief); Celine Pe?a Leonor (little girl); Recorded at the Teatro Real, Madrid, 19 November 2013; TV Director Peter Sellars (195 min)