TROYKA at Sud Tyrol Jazz Festival in Brunico

Chris Montague - guitar, loop; Joshua Blackmore - drums; Kit Downes - organ; TV channel 'ARTE', introducing a Troyka concert, stated: 'Troyka are rooted in the jazz tradition and are at the same time hiply contemporary. Atmospheres often change in a single piece, almost to the point of paradox: hard and aggressive guitar riffs mix with gentle keyboard motifs, while composition and improvisation combine as one'. This blend of garage rock, jazz improvisations and dance music defies labelling: the band sound like 'King Crimson for the iPod generation,' as the London listings magazine 'Time Out' put it. One thing is for sure: this trio forms part of a generation of young musicians who reject the limits of genre, with the decisive question no longer 'What is it?' but 'Is it good?'. (44 min)