Sylvain Rifflet 'Looking For Moondog' - Banlieues Bleues

Saxophonists Rifflet and Irabagon pay tribute to Moondog, a celestial tramp and post-modern prophet, revisiting his creative world in a musical and multimedia maelstrom. Moondog, the Viking from 6th Avenue, left his mark on the New York scene and on his contemporaries, crossing musical lines: Arturo Toscanini, Charlie Parker, Leonard Bernstein, Janis Joplin, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass and Terry Riley were among those who worked with him. The man is no longer with us, but his spirit survives. 'Perpetual Motion', the brainchild of Sylvain Rifflet and American saxophonist Jon Irabagon, involves the brillant Alphabet quartet, pianist Eve Risser, and two school choirs from Bobigny. The aim is to celebrate Moondog's music, question our lives in a modern metropolis (here the use of video comes into its own), and explore new imaginary landscapes. (54 min)