El Djoudour (Roots), choreography by Abou Lagraa. Chaillot Theater

El Djoudour (Roots); Choreography, scenography and artistic direction Abou Lagraa; Artistic and educational advisor Nawal Ait Benalla-Lagraa; Lights Nicolas Faucheux; Music Olivier Innocenti; Voice Houria Aichi; With Nawal Ait Benalla-Lagraa, Lydie Alberto, Ali Brainis, Sarah Cerneaux, Nassim Feddal, Laurent Jocelyn, Oussama Kouadria, Bilel Madaci, Marion Renoux, Fanny Sage, Féroz Sahoulamide, Tanné Uddén, Angela Vanoni, Bernard Wayack Pambe, Zoubir Yahiaoui; El Djoudour, meaning 'Roots', is the story of the choreographer's return to the land of his ancestors. Born and educated in France, Abou Lagraa revisits Algeria, the land his family came from. There he finds an Arab-Muslin culture based on mutual support, generosity and daily rituals where the body - an object of desire, sacred or rejected - is omnipresent. From the reunion with the culture that nourished his identity, he fashions a moving work, accompanied with sacred chants, that was selected for the Opening Night of the Marseille Provence festival of 2013. After Nya in 2010, which won the 'Grand Prix de la Critique', here is another contribution to the cross-Mediterranean Franco-Algerian project Abou Lagraa has been involved in since 2010. With a foot on each shore, Lagraa questions the place of the individual and his desire for freedom in an increasingly multi-cultural society. Steeped in history, and resolutely facing the future. Recorded at the Chaillot National Theater; TV Director Luc Riolon (75 min)