Steve Kuhn Trio - Jazz A Foix

Jazz pianist Steve Kuhn was born in Brooklyn in 1938. He started the piano at the age of five. He played with Ornette Coleman, Don Cherryl and Kenny Dorham. In 1961, he joined John Coltrane's quartet, and later started his own ensemble, with Pete La Roca, Scott Lafaro and Steve Swallow. In the mid 50's, he founded the 'All Star Trio' with Ron Carter and Al Foster, inviting brilliant bass players David Finck, Gary Peacock and George Mraz along with drummers Lewis Nash, Billy Drummond (who will play at the Foix festival), Aldo Romano and Bill Stewart. Steve Kuhn's delicate touch and clear articulation are particularly well-suited to intimate pieces. A highly recommended concert, a unique and mesmerizing musical adventure. With Steve Swallow (double bass), Billy Drummond (drums) (53 min)