Laurent De Wilde and Otisto 23 'Fly' with Guillaume Perret - Banlieues Bleues

LAURENT DE WILDE AND OTISTO 23 'FLY!' INVITE GUILLAUME PERRET LIVE AT LA DYNAMO; With Nico Ticot (video) Xlrproject; Part Two of Laurent de Wilde and Otisto 23's musical experiments. This time, they have transcended themselves. Let us go back to the basic concept: a piano and a computer - Laurent generates sounds on his instrument, with the keyboard of course, but also the strings, felt, wood, metal, anything that can be plucked, scraped and rubbed, producing an infinitely varied sound matter that Otisto processes in real time through his computer, bouncing it back to Laurent, who then responds with new sounds... and this is how the music develops. After the experience of their first album 'PC Pieces', de Wilde et Otisto are meeting again on stage and in the studio. More intuitive, their music now involves more piano and electronics, as in 'Lost' with its long cadence on the piano, meandering through the filters of the machine, and 'B Flat Seven' where a single B Flat generates an extensive technoid epic in seven tableaux. From this encounter, a deeply organic music is born, a dialogue, a conversation which at times solidifies into an incandescent ball of sound or slims down to the most delicate hieroglyphs. An anecdote involves a herd of cows, grazing in the vicinity of the studio where the album was being recorded, to the accompaniment of a colony of flies, who soon invaded the room where the two musicians were working. There ensued a track entitled 'Eau de Mouche n°5', and the realisation that the insects' constant buzzing was influencing their entire repertoire. FLY! invites us to defy gravity, carried aloft by an intimate and precious musical conversation. (75 min)