Build An Ark at the Banlieues Bleues festival in Paris

Founded by the composer and arranger Carlos Nino, Build An Ark is a California collective of varying sizes in which talented young musicians rub shoulders with veterans of the Afro-jazz scene. Invited by the festival Banlieus Bleus, they revisit the utopian spirit of 1970s flower power, taking as inspiration the most inventive jazz of the period, the soul music impeccably interpereted by the baritone Dwight Trible, and pay a vibrant hommage to John Coltrane, 'slammed' by the griot Kamau Daa'oud. Love is everywhere! That is the credo of this combo, which was founded in the ruins of September 11, in reaction to the hateful climate of the time. Love is everywhere! is also a leitmotif for Vincent Berhault, juggler and performer from Seine-Saint-Denis who, after his poetic walks through Paris and its suburbs, rejoined the group on stage for an unforgettable happening. Los Angeles, Paris, Bobigny...Love is indeed everywhere! (48 min)