Becca Stevens at MOODS

Becca Stevens (voix, guitare, charango, ukulele); Liam Robinson (piano, accordion, vocal); Chris Tordini (bass, vocal); Jordan Perlson (drums, percussions); An enchanting singer-songwriter-jewel from New York! Becca Stevens sings, acts, dances, plays guitar, ukulele and Charango - knows how to write good songs and how one brings them to the stage in a gripping manner! Full of warmth and urgency, she sings herself into the hearts of the audience. From North Carolina, Stevens comes from a musical family and is part of the New York scene. Joshua Redman and Brad Mehldau are also two of her biggest fans. Her last album 'Weightless' was in the Top Ten of the international songwriter charts. Her music is a mixture of folk, jazz and pop, her voice is captivating. (56 min)