Trio Joubran at Les Orientales festival

The Joubran Trio is a traditional music ensemble from Palestine, formed in 2004. It is composed of the three Joubran brothers, who play the oud, Samir, the eldest and leader of the group (born in 1973), Wissam (born in 1983), and Adnan (born in 1985). Four generations of the Joubran family have been professional oud players. Wissam Joubran, like his father Hatem, is also an instrument maker. Palestinians of Israeli nationality, the brothers live in Nazareth and Ramallah as well as in Paris (since 2005). The film 'Improvisations, Samir and his brothers' by Raed Andoni documents the formation of the group and their first concert in Paris at the Luxembourg gardens in September 2004. That same year, the trio took part in the dance project 'La Madâa' by Héla Fattoumi & Éric Lamoureux. The Joubran Trio performs regularly in Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin American and in the Arab world. In 2009, The Joubran Trio performed the music in Nassim Amaouche's first film, 'Adieu Gary'. That same year, they composed the soundtrack to the film 'Le Dernier Vol' by Karim Dridi. With; SAMIR JOUBRAN, OUD; WISSAM JOUBRAN, OUD; ADMAN JOUBRAN, OUD; YOUSSEF HBEISCH, PERCUSSIONS; SOUND: JC RIEN; LIGHTS: MARIE MAGUET; PRODUCTION ZAMORA PRODUCTION BENJAMIN DEMELEMESTER (59 min)