In The Confidence Of Birds by Luc Petton. Lyon Dance Biennial.

In the Confidence of Birds (La Confidence des Oiseaux); Choreography by Luc Petton; Le Guetteur Company; Music Xavier Rosselle; With Aurore Castan-Ain, Mélisande Carré Angeli, Marie-Laure Agrapart, Tuomas Lahti; The Confidence des Oiseaux is an unprecedented encounter between four dancers and thirty birds live on stage. The fruit of extensive work with bird trainers, the show brings together jays, starlings, magpies and crows who 'dance' with the artists in these unique and spectacular performances. With this ode to the freedom and beauty of movement, Luc Petton makes a powerful statement and places humankind's relationship to and with nature at the heart of his creation. Recorded on september 21st 2012 at the Biennale de Danse de Lyon; TV director, Stéphane Lebard, 2012 (65 mns) (55 min)