Ensemble Nour at Les Orientales festival

Mezzo Live HD

Nine French and Iranian singers and instrumentalists share their musical traditions, and revisit the traditional Kurdish, Persan and European repertoires. Ensemble Nour was formed in the year 2000 for a project involving Persan and European vocal music. Since then, their repertoire has grown, and favours an intercultural spirit of communication, a certain form of serenity and voluptuousness which have established their reputation and success. With; CHRISTOPHE REZAI TENOR, HARMONIUM, DIRECTION; MOSTAFA MAHMOUDI VOICE, PERSAN AND KURDISH; PIERRE-YVES BINARD BARITONE, PERCUSSION; PIERRE BARANGER TENOR, TRAVERSO; HAMID KHOSROWSHAHI BASS; ALI BOUSTAN OUD, SHOURANGUIZ, SETAR AND VOICE; REZA ASGARZADEH DUDUK, RECORDER, VOICE, PERCUSSION; KOUROSH BABAI KAMANCHE; ALI RAHIMI DAF, TOMBAK; ARTISTIC ADVISER: JASMIN MARTORELL; SOUND: MICKAËL REMIGEREAU; LIGHTS: PATRICE PAILLOUX; SETS: BETTY JOVENET (58 min)