Sanam Marvi - Les Orientales

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Sanam Marvi is a young Pakistani singer. She sings the great sufi poets from the Sindhi and Sikh traditions. She is very popular in Pakistan and India. Trained by her father Faqir Ghulam Rasool, a sufi singer whom she used to accompany at ritual Pakistani celebrations and gatherings, she later studied with Ustad Fateh Ali Khan of the Gwalior school, and became an expert in the art of singing the great mystical poets. Her work with major Bollywood stars have made her one of the leading voices in India and Pakistan. Sanam Marvi's appearance at the Fes festival (Marocco) in 2011 was one of her first concerts at a major international festival outside the Indian subcontinent. Her concert at Les Orientales will be her first performance in France. With; SANAM MARVI, VOICE; AMANAT ALI, HARMONIUM; BABAR ALI, FLUTE; HASNAIN ALI, DHOLAK; KASHIF ALI, TABLA; SOUND: ANTOINE CARRIQUE; LIGHTS: GUILLAUME LEBRUN; PRODUCTION: SOUDABEH KIA (22 min)