Tribute to Hans Van Manen, Dutch National Ballet, Festival de Danse de Montpellier

Mezzo Live HD

Tribute to Hans Van Manen; Dutch National Ballet; Adagio Hammerklavier (1973); For 6 dancers; Ludwig van Beethoven, music (sonata for piano n°29, opus 106 in B major); Olga Khoziainova, piano; Jean-Paul Vroom, set and costume; Jan Hofstra, lighting; Two Gold Variations (1999); For 14 dancers; Jacob ter Veldhuis, music (Goldrush, Concerto Goldmine and All this Gold this Mountain has); Keso Dekker, set and costume; Joop Caboort, lighting; Sarcasmen (Pianovariations II) (1981); For 2 dancers; Sergei Prokofiev., music (Five Sarcasms opus 17); Robert Greuter, Piano; Hans van Manenn, costume; Jan Hofstra, lighting; Frank Bridge Variations (2005); For 10 dancers; Benjamin Britten, music (Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge (opus 10): Introduction; and Theme, Adagio, March, Bourrée Classique, Wiener Walzer, Moto Perpetuo, Funeral march, Chant, Fugue and Final); Keso Dekker, set and costume; Metaforen (1965); For 12 dancers; Daniel-Jean-Yves Lesur, music (Variations for organ and string orchestra); Jan van der Wal, Jean-Paul Vroom, set and costume; Jan Hofstra, lighting; Recorded on July 4th and 5the 2017 at the Opéra Berlioz/Corum, Festival de Danse de Montpellier; TV Director, Vincent Massip (99 min)