L'Enfant et les Sortileges by Ravel at the Glyndebourne Festival

Mezzo Live HD

L'Enfant et les sortileges, by Maurice Ravel; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Kazushi Ono (Conductor); Laurent Pelly (Stage Director); Khatouna Gadelia (Child); Elodie Méchain (Mother/Chinese Cup/Dragonfly); Paul Gay (Armchair/Tree ); Julie Pasturaud (Chair/Bat); Elliot Madore (Grandfather Clock/Tom Cat); François Piolino (Teapot/Arithmetic/Frog); Kathleen Kim (Fire/Princess/Nightingale ); Natalia Brzezinska (Shepherd); Hila Fahima (Shepherdess); Stéphanie d'Oustrac (Cat/Squirrel); Kirsty Stokes (Owl); Directed by François Roussillon; Recorded at the Glyndebourne Festival 2012 (51 min)