Light by M. Béjart. Béjart Lausanne Ballet. Chaillot Theater

Mezzo Live HD

Light; Choreography by Maurice Béjart; Béjart Ballet of Lausanne; Artistic direction by Gil Roman; Originally premiered by the Ballet du XXe Siecle; at the Royal Circus, Bruxelles (22 septembre 1981); Music by Antonio Vivaldi, The Residents, Tuxedomoon; The Béjart Ballet is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is returning to the Théâtre de Chaillot, where one of Maurice Béjart's greatest hits was performed - Le Presbytere (The Rectory); The revival of Light, first presented in 1981, has been much anticipated. This special anniversary production is directed by Gil Roman. Vivaldi and Venice were Béjart's main source of inspiration but he also drew on San Francisco and the energy of its music with bands such as The Residents and Tuxedomoon. On stage, we get to see Tiepolo's Pulcinella, Casanova, a gold digger and a pregnant woman, a tribute to Carolyn Carlson's Blue Lady. Light, with sets and costumes by Nuno Côrte-Real is also a journey of discovery. The Béjart Ballet at the peak of its art and energy. TV Director, Arantxa Aguirre (2013 - 90 mns); Filmed at the Théâtre de Chaillot in Paris in June 2013 (77 min)