Stop Motion by S. Leon & P. Lightfoot | The Statement by C. Pite | Nederlands Dans Theater

Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT 1); Stop-Motion (creation on 2014); Piece for 8 dancers; Choreography, Sol Le??n et Paul Lightfoot; Lighting, Tom Bevoort; Sets, Sol Le??n et Paul Lightfoot; Costume, Joke Visser et Hermien Hollander; Video Conception, Sol Le??n et Paul Lightfoot; Video direction, Rahi Rezvani; Music, Max Richter; The Statement (creation on 2016); Piece for 4 dancers; Choreography, Crystal Pite; Lighting, Tom Visser; Sets, Jay Gower Taylor; Costume, Crystal Pite, Joke Visser; Dramaturgy, Jonathon Young; Lyrics, Meg Roe, Colleen Wheeler, Andrew Wheeler, Jonathon Young; Music, Owen Belton; Recorded on May 29 & 30, July 3, 2018 at the Lucent Theater, The Hague, Netherlands; TV Director, Tommy Pascal (60 min)