Kris Bowers featuring Lina Easterlin - Stockholm Jazz Festival

KRIS BOWERS featuring JULIA EASTERLIN AT THE STOCKHOLM JAZZ FESTIVAL; Kris Bowers: piano; Julia Easterlin: vocals; Training in classical and jazz, who grew up to the sound of 90s' rap and hip-hop, influenced by the great composers of film music of recent decades, Kris Bowers delivers music that, while being strongly rooted in tradition, remains open to multiple influences. These contributions give it a freshness and energy that draws in keeping with the times. The rich and eclectic tastes Bowers are obvious from the first notes of 'Heroes + Misfits,' his first album on Concord Jazz. Here in Stockholm, he makes us discover its pianistic delicate and subtle 'touché' in a duo with the marvelous Julia Easterin. (58 min)