The Tom And Jerry Show - Elements


The storm of the century is brewing - at least according to Tuffy and Jerry who are giving a little pay back to Tom for tormenting them earlier. / Fed up with Tom's cat hair, Rick buys the Suck-Up, the next level Roomba. The Suck-Up patrols the house and cleans 24/7. / Little Quaker fears his luck will turn for the worse when he inadvertently walks under a ladder. When a series of unfortunate and painful incidents happen to Tom, Jerry and Spike, but not Little Quaker, he thinks he is to blame. / Tom is determined to hijack the fun Jerry and Tuffy are having with making paper airplanes. Tom's hijinks take a turn for the worse when he realizes he's made a paper airplane out of Ginger's great-great grandmother's treasured fruitcake recipe. / If an injured Tom isn't better before Rick and Ginger leave for their weekend getaway, Tom will be forced to stay at the Jolly Friends Pet Oasis. / Ginger brings home a kitten that she will foster until she finds it a forever home. Everyone in the house falls in love with the kitten, except for Tom.