Paws Vs Claws & Jaws


Jerry dreams of a life where he is the lord of the manor, and Tom is the servant. / Jerry pretends to be a distinguished butler to gain access to the manor's pantry. / Tom and Jerry go on a wild car trip, when the butler instructs Tom to learn to drive. / - / - / - / - / A fisherman comes to the island searching for the one trophy he's missing: Zig. As he navigates among the tree tops, the man casts out his line. But he soon discovers the hyena won't settle for any old bait. He needs the mermaid! / Sharko plays ping-pong with Marina, winning every round. She walks off, fed up. Zig challenges Sharko to a game of… tennis! But Bernie’s court lines on Sharko’s side are a l-o-n-g way away, giving Zig ample time to nab the mermaid… / -