Lamput hides out in a vegetable stall. / Lamput transforms into an orange balloon. / Lamput runs past an orange backdrop - the perfect disguise. / Lamput is caught, but gets a dog to help. / Lamput uses orange paint to help hide. / Lamput hides in the opening title. / The Fat Doc gives Lamput a relaxing oil massage. / Lamput transforms into an orange camera. / The Docs watch a horror movie. / Lamput is chased into a bank and gets caught. / The Fat Doc talks to his girlfriend on the phone. / The Fat Doc finally throws Lamput in jail. / Lamput uses a cat to somehow scare off a pursuer. / The Skinny Doc hands over Lamput to a pretty lady. / Lamput keeps the Skinny Doc from getting wet in the rain. / Capturing Lamput on stage, the Fat Doc is suddenly under pressure to perform.