New Looney Tunes


Pigmallian: When Daffy decides to wreak havoc on a shopping mall, it's up to mall security officer Porky Pig to step in and save the day. Bugs the Gladiator: Bugs finds himself in ancient Rome, battling Calzone for glory in the Coliseum. / A Duck in the Penthouse: Porky attempts to rid an annoying Daffy from a swanky penthouse apartment. Tour de Bugs: Bugs has a bike race against Cecil the Turtle. Bugs expects Cecil to be easily defeated, but the turtle has other plans. / Knight and Duck: Sir Littlechin believes himself to the be the greatest swordsman in the land, so Daffy, the Court Jester, decides to challenge him to a duel. The Color of Bunny: After Squeaks loses a whole bag of nuts playing pool with a cheating Shifty, Bugs decides it's time to teach Shifty a lesson in hustling. / Sam and the Bullet Train: Yosemite Sam believes no train is too fast to rob, until he goes head to head with a fancy new Bullet Train. Swine Dining: When Daffy discovers he's on the menu at Porky's restaurant, he decides to change the main ingredient to mayhem.