The Tom And Jerry Show - Elements


Tom, Jerry and Butch watch a Smack-n-Cheese Cheesy Cheese Puffs commerical and when they hear, "SUPPLIES ARE RUNNING OUT!" / Jerry’s Uncle Harry is coming for a visit. Tuffy’s excited to meet the Great Uncle he has heard so much about. / Toodles' folks are coming for a visit. Problem is, they think she's married with kittens. / It’s Spike’s birthday! He has been counting the days down. Every year, Rick goes all out to make it special but not this one. He has forgotten. / Jerry has mocked-up a “REWARD IF FOUND” poster with Tom’s picture and the address of the neighbor with the ferocious dog listed as Tom's home. / Tom finds himself in a series of unfortunate events as he tries to retrieve Jerry after he is led to believe his pal has been eaten by a hungry bear cub.