Tom tries to win the affection of a lady cat by giving her Jerry but when she's mean to him, he wants his mouse back and goes to musical lengths to get him. / In old Spain, Tom dances the Flamenco and Jerry tries to trip him up until they both compete in a Flamenco dance-off. / Tom attempts to guard a trendy music store but DJ Jerry keeps on pilfering the merchandise for his hole in the wall dance club setting up a showdown. / In the Australian Outback, Jerry is adopted by a very protective momma kangaroo, whom Tom must overcome if he's to get his mouse. / Tom visits the African veldt to see his lion relatives and give them Jerry as a present but the lions would rather eat Tom. / When a hungry monkey gets hold of Mrs. Two-shoes' gumdrop-filled purse, Tom risks bodily harm to retrieve it, while Jerry does what he can to make sure the monkey gets fed.