New Looney Tunes


A troupe of boy scouts mistake Bugs for the Easter Bunny./It's Easter Sunday and Granny hires a sitter to watch Tweety while she's out. / Daffy takes Porky's home from cluttered mess to total pig sty. /While delivering pizzas, Bugs is lured in Miss Cougar's house. But she is more interested in eating Bugs than pizza. / Daffy crashes a swanky wedding and it falls to Leslie P. Lillylegs to get rid of the disastrous duck. /Ivana hosts a cooking show and involves Bugs when she steals his carrots. / A Duck in the Aquarium: Daffy infiltrates the aquarium to get free food and it's up to aquarium worker Porky to get him out. The BreezeHammer: Bugs and Squeaks' day of kite flying is disrupted by Boyd the Bird, who falls madly in love with their kite.