Anne Paceo, Bright Shadows - Jazz sous les Pommiers

Anne Paceo, Bright Shadows; Anne Paceo, drums, voix; Tony Paeleman, keyboard; Christophe Panzani, saxophone; Pierre Perchaud, guitar; Florent Matéo, voice; Ann Shirley, voice; With Bright Shadows, Anne Paceo seems resolutely determined to pursue her melodic and sound explorations based on voices and electronics, playing therefore in between the frontiers of musical genres. She is joined this time by two delicate and unclassifiable voices (Florent Mateo and Ann Shirley) and by three faithful and precious companions (Pierre Perchaud, Christophe Panzani et Tony Paeleman). Recorded on May 12, 2018 at Jazz sous les Pommiers Festival; Réalisation, Laurent Hasse et Thierry Villeneuve (66 min)