The William Parker Organ Quartet - Banlieues bleues

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The William Parker Organ Quartet; William Parker, doublebass; Cooper-Moore, keyboard; James Brandon Lewis, tenor saxophone; Hamid Drake, drums; The New York-based bass player is back with a groundbreaking organ quartet, and his music is more soul-based than ever - thrills are guaranteed! A former member of David S. Ware's and Cecil Taylor's bands, William Parker is, more than a sought-after sideman, a major jazz composer in his own right, constantly reinventing musical codes. The double bass player has made his mark as a leader capable of bringing together a number of loose electrons. Such is the case with this brilliant quartet: amazing drummer Hamid Drake, esoteric keyboard player Cooper-Moore and eclectic saxophonist James Brandon Lewis. Three fantastic partners, exploring a form of spiritual jazz that should touch us deep in our souls. Recorded on Marche 28th 2017 at the Dynamo of Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, as part of the 'Banlieues Bleues' Festival; TV Director, Guillaume Dero (59 min)